Research Company Brings Jobs to McAllen

McAllen, TEXAS- Abt SRBI celebrated the grand opening of a state-of-the-art research call
center in McAllen, Texas on July 26th, 2016. With the assistance from the McAllen Economic Development Corporation
(MEDC), Abt SRBI is creating job opportunities in the research call center industry. Over the next five
years, Abt SRBI plans to hire and train a total of 170 new research interviewers with at least 15
supervisory and management jobs.
“With our region having an abundant young, bilingual, skilled workforce in the customer service
industry, Abt SRBI will not have a problem recruiting qualified candidates,” said Keith Patridge,
president and CEO of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation.
Abt SRBI, a subsidiary of Abt Associates, is headquartered in New York City with major offices in
Washington, D. C.; Cambridge, Mass.; and Chicago, employing more than 600 nationwide. Abt SRBI
is a trusted data collection company, conducting research survey campaigns in the areas of social policy,
election polling, health and transportation, among others. Their research and consulting services assist
governmental, academic, media and other non-governmental clients make informed decisions that
improve people’s lives and economic well-being. Clients include ABC News, The Washington Post, the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, University of Pennsylvania, Pew Research, and many other
federal, state and academic organizations.
“We are pleased to be part of the economic growth of McAllen, Texas with the opening of our call
center. We look forward to working with this very welcoming community now and in the future,” said
Abt SRBI President and CEO Michael W. Link.

The new Abt SRBI call center is located on Hackberry Avenue in McAllen.
For information or employment opportunities, visit their website at