Ramiro Garza Named New Chair of RSTEC for 2015

Edinburg City Manager Ramiro Garza has been appointed chairman of the Rio South Texas Economic Council for 2015.

The rest of the leadership team comprises Rebeca Castillo, of Brownsville Community Improvement Corp., as vice chair, Pete Gonzalez, of the City of Brownsville, as secretary, Keith Patridge, of McAllen Economic Development Corp., as treasurer, and Eddie Campirano, of the Port of Brownsville, as immediate past chair.

RSTEC was created in 2008. In the past it has attended major trade shows to help lure major manufacturing companies to the Valley. In recent years, however, it has taken on more of a marketing role, seeking to promote the Valley in a positive light and fight negative coverage in the national media. An example of this came during last year’s surge in undocumented immigration from Central America, when it helped frame the message that the inflow of children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador was a humanitarian crisis not a national security crisis.

RSTEC Board Meeting. [Courtesy of Rio Grande Guardian]

“We are going to continue to work to help bring communities together. It is a great way to do that, with an organization like RSTEC, which exists to promote the region, Garza told the Rio Grande Guardian, at the end of a RSTEC board meeting held last Friday at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance.

“I am looking forward to that and working with these great leaders. I think the goal will be…

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Rio Grande Valley Chapter: Military Veteran Peer Network

At the Military Veteran Peer Center some of the services that we provide to veterans and their family member are counseling, peer to peer groups, arts and crafts, computer room, exercise room, recreational activities, community workshops, among others.

Please visit the Military Veteran Peer Center at 1242 n. 77 sunshine strip, Harlingen texas 78550.

For any questions or for information 

Please Contact

Tropical Texas Behavioral Health

Veteran Services

956-289-4214 0r 956-423-1233

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Workforce Solutions Honored at State Conference and Board of Directors Meeting

Workforce Solutions (WFS) was recognized for outstanding board performance at the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) 18th Annual Texas Workforce Conference held November 19-21 in Grapevine. In total, WFS received four out of five performance awards including Child Care Quality, Workforce Investment Act Adult and Dislocated Worker Training-Related Employment, Workforce Investment Act Youth Preparedness, and Claimant Reemployment – making WFS the most decorated board in the state! The TWC performance awards recognize boards that display increased accountability and improved efficiencies.

“At the Texas Workforce Commission we believe that innovation and partnerships at the local level will maximize our effectiveness and keep Texas on top,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Hope Andrade. “I applaud the collaboration and leadership shown by Workforce Solutions in preparing today’s workforce for current and future opportunities.”

On December 10th, the WFS Board of Directors held its last meeting of the year to review old business, outline ongoing business, and assess new business, including WFS’ recognition by TWC at the annual state conference and the selection of new Board Officers. The 2015 officers voted in by unanimous consent were: Dr. Ricardo ‘Rick’ R. Gonzalez, Chair; Dr. Roy Sheneman, Vice-chair; Dalinda L. Guillen, Treasurer; and Jaime Ortiz, Secretary. The new Board Officers are succeeding: Dalinda L. Guillen, Chair; Dr. Ricardo ‘Rick’ R. Gonzalez, Vice-chair; Jaime Ortiz, Secretary; and Rudy Salinas, Treasurer.

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Formal Announcement of Launch of Rio Grande Valley Newswire

Rio South Texas Economic Council Seeks a More Balanced View of Prospering Border Region

 Dec. 18, 2014                                                             Contact: James C. Moore



Utilizing video production and an aggressive social media campaign, the Rio South Texas Economic Council (“RSTEC”) is promoting an informational web portal to provide a more comprehensive view of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas (www.riosouthtexas.com). RSTEC, an organization representing the economic and development interests of two countries and four U.S. counties along the Texas-Mexico border, is providing regular updates from its new service the Rio Grande Valley Newswire. (www.rgvnewswire.com) Three videos of 5-7 minutes have been posted on topics including the potential impact of the border energy boom, rapid response manufacturing, and a video introducing outsiders to the region.

“We have long felt that our story has not been adequately told,” said Keith Patridge, CEO of McAllen’s Economic Development Corporation. “We decided to make certain that the outside world got a more balanced view of what’s happening down here on the border. The RGV Newswire is being used by the media and thousands of other people who want to learn about the region.”

Keith Patridge, CEO, McAllen Econ. Dev. Corp.

Keith Patridge, CEO, McAllen Econ. Dev. Corp.

On a daily basis, the site offers original content and curated material from other sources around the Rio Grande Valley. Patridge, for example, records a monthly video update on economic news for McAllen, which is posted on the RGV Newswire. Articles and videos posted on the site cover topics like the Burgos Basin shale play in Mexico, developments at the new University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Space X in Brownsville, the impact of Mexico’s new coast-to-coast highway on valley imports, and the growth at the Port of Brownsville.

“Our valley communities are really starting to take advantage of this platform for publicity,” said Alma Colleli, Executive Director of RSTEC. “They are sending in stories and news releases about projects and events in their areas to help raise awareness and participation. It’s been exciting to watch the steady increase in the number of site visitors.”

Alma Colleli, Exec. Dir., Rio South Texas Economic Council

Alma Colleli, Exec. Dir., Rio South Texas Economic Council

The RGV Newswire was launched in conjunction with a recently completed series of town hall meetings conducted by RSTEC, which were designed to gather citizen input on how to best promote the valley as a desirable location to live and work.






City of Brownsville Fair Housing Study – Tuesday, December 16th

The City of Brownsville is conducting a Fair Housing Study to analyze the impediments to fair housing in the community. This study is required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for receipt of federal funds for housing and community development.

Click the image below for more information:


City of Brownsville Fair Housing Study Flyer

Click on the image above to read more about the COB – Fair Housing Study

AIM Media Texas Helps RGV Hungry, Needy, Homeless

Helping the Rio Grande Valley

The AIM Media Texas Charities Campaign raises funds for the hungry, homeless, and those in need of basic essentials right here in the Valley.

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RSTEC Exclusive VIDEO: Rapid Response Manufacturing

The Rio Grande Valley is revolutionizing how manufacturing and distribution within the United States and Mexico. This video explains how disrupting traditional M&D processes adds value, efficiency, cost cutting, quality to businesses utilizing both U.S. and Mexico’s collective talent and processes.



Thousands of RGV Children to Receive New Shoes

On Saturday, November 22, 2014 over 1,000 underprivileged children will be receiving a new pair of shoes at the 3rd Annual Feed N Fit Service Project at Our Lady Of Perpetual Help in McAllen. Feed N Fit is conducted by the Rotary Clubs of McAllen (McAllen, McAllen South and McAllen North) and the Caritas Service Group of O.L.P.H.

Underprivileged children to receive new shoes

[Courtesy of KVEO]

The groups worked with counselors from approximately fifteen schools in the McAllen area in addition to the Commission for the Blind, The Salvation Army and Big Brothers
and Big Sisters to select children in need to be a part of the event. The children and members of their families will meet at O.L.P.H. throughout the day on Saturday. Members of the McAllen South Rotary Club will be cooking food for those in attendance before members of each group will help size and fit each child with a new pair of shoes.

“This is the third year for…”

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