VIA Upgrades Will Promote Safety, Reduce Delays and Cancellations

55c8043740926.imageValley International Airport boasts the longest runway in South Texas at 8,300 feet.

To ensure its optimum performance, the edge lights on the runway will be upgraded.

This is among improvements to the airport planned to get underway soon with a $4.5 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration.

“This will help guide pilots to the runway during inclement weather situations and reduce the need to divert to other facilities,” VIA Director of Aviation Marv Esterly said.

VIA will supplement the grant funds with a 10 percent match.

The first project will relocate the perimeter access road used by aviation fueling companies and emergency response vehicles to transition from the east side of the airport to the commercial carriers on the west side.

The new route will be clear of all runway movement areas and be located outside of designated runway safety areas.

The second project will update 37 painted airfield pavement signs to highly visible Thermoplastic signs. This will reduce maintenance expenses associated with painted signs and improve visibility to pilots both…

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