Simplifying Higher Ed in Valley Colleges and Universities

Texas Southmost College is continuing to make higher education an attainable goal for students of the Rio Grande Valley. For the second time this school year, the commu-nity college has signed an agreement with universities to allow students to transfer.

On Wednesday, TSC signed a memorandum of understanding with both the University of Texas at Brownsville and the newly formed UT Rio Grande Valley to allow students to seamlessly transfer from TSC to either institution.

Last month, TSC also signed a similar agreement with Our Lady of the Lake University, a private university in San Antonio.

Many advocates for education in the community were present to watch TSC President Lily Tercero, UTB Interim Presi-dent William Fannin and UT-RGV President Guy Bailey officially sign the Memorandum of Under-standing at the TSC Arts Center.

Tercero said when the TSC Board of Trustees voted to end its partnership with UTB in 2013, the board envisioned expand-ing higher education opportunities for the college’s students.

“Our mission reflects that vision,” Tercero said. “We are fully committed to transforming our communities through innovative learning opportunities.”

This agreement will allow students to save time and money by starting their education at TSC and transferring to UTB in the spring or UT-RGV starting in fall 2015 to pursue a bachelors and beyond.

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