National Guard Troops Expected on Border Until Aug. 2015

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Gov. Rick Perry wants to spend more than $86 million to extend extra security patrols along the border with Mexico to next August.

He and other state officials said in a statement Tuesday that they’re seeking the approval of a legislative budget panel that would allow enhanced patrols by the Department of Public Safety, the Texas National Guard and other personnel to continue.

Officials want to divert nearly $48 million in general revenue bonds and other monies to cover the cost.

When officials last summer announced plans to use state security personnel to boost federal patrols they said it would cost an estimated $12 million a month. They did not offer an end date for the mission.

The push was in response to a surge in immigrants into the U.S.

Texas Governor Meets with Nat. Guard Troops

Texas Governor Meets with Nat. Guard Troops

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