Port of Brownsville Tops Export Category

Brownsville, Texas, August 27, 2014

According to the 2013 75th Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Annual Report, the Port of Brownsville ranked number 1 of the Top 25 Foreign Trade Zone Exports in the United States with the State of Texas leading the way by ranking number 1 in exports to foreign countries.  This is the second consecutive year the Port of Brownsville has garnered the top ranking. The Port exported commodities valued over three billion dollars.  The top commodities moved were petroleum products, metals, and steel.  The 2013 75th Annual FTZ report can be accessed through the NAFTZ Association and the FTZ Board (www.trade.gov/ftz).

America's Busiest Port for Foreign Exports

Number One in US Foreign Trade Zone Exports

The Port of Brownsville is the Grantee for Foreign Trade Zone No. 62 and offers sites at the Port of Brownsville, Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport, Harlingen Industrial Park and Airpark, NAFTA Industrial Park and FINSA Industrial Park at Los Indios.  Zone status is available to any of the Port’s properties.

Port Director and CEO Eduardo A. Campirano said, “The Port of Brownsville continues to grow as an international leader in world trade.  Our ranking as the number one FTZ and Port in the nation is very important to our role as the most significant logistics center in the region.”

The Port of Brownsville is a leading in-transit port and major importer of steel in the United States. The Port is guided by its vision to create quality jobs, attract private and public investment, increase its cargo handling capacity and promote the common good of the region by strategic economic development of its land holdings.

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