Weslaco Takes Comprehensive Approach to Business Recruitment

Economic development leaders say new retail business will soon be making its way to the Mid-Valley as a result of a comprehensive study undertaken by the City of Weslaco.

Local consumers should begin seeing retail they have never seen before in the Mid-Valley, according to EDC director Joey Treviño.

“We are planning expansion of our retail activity,” Treviño told the Rio Grande Guardian when asked about what he foresees in the immediate future. “I think we are at a prime spot in the Mid-Valley to create that.”

The City of Weslaco has embarked on a new study being conducted by the Retail Coach, a market research and retail recruitment firm charged with formulating the plan to increase and retain business in the mid-Valley.

The firm will help Weslaco plan for anticipated growth and recruit those businesses that the area’s needs, Treviño said.

Retail Coach will conduct the study in two parts. The firm will begin by establishing a Retail Trade Area Determination, finding out which areas in Weslaco are attracting the most business. The second part will include a Retail Gap Analysis that will determine the goods and services consumers are leaving the city for.

Using data specific to Weslaco and national and regional site selectors’ criteria, the team will create a Retailer Match List, or businesses that would likely be successful and welcomed in Weslaco. Customized marketing packages will be sent to contacts with these national and regional brands and developers in hopes of recruiting them to…

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