LNG Firm Invites Public

Pre-filing applications to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission indicate that Rio Grande LNG LLC — one of three proposed liquefied natural gas export terminal projects that have submitted pre-filing applications to FERC for construction of LNG facilities at the Port of Brownsville — would be the biggest of the three in terms of both acreage and production capacity.

Rio Grande LNG will hold a community open house in Brownsville from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Texas Southmost College ITEC Center, 301 Mexico Blvd.

The company holds a lease option on 1,000 acres along the Brownsville Ship Channel. Plans call for the construction of three “trains,” or complete systems for converting natural gas to liquid form, during phase one of the project. Three more trains would be built in phase two, with the six trains together capable of producing for export 27 million metric tons of LNG annually.

In addition, Rio Grande LNG, a subsidiary of The Woodlands-based NextDecade LLC, would be the only of the three LNG projects with on-site power generation. In its pre-filing request to FERC, the company said the plant would be powered by gas-fired turbine generators capable of producing 600 megawatts.

The first 300 megawatts would be built as part of phase one, with construction expected to begin in June 2017 and be complete by the last quarter of 2020. An additional 300 megawatts of generating capacity would be added as part of phase two, according to the FERC document.

Rio Grande LNG would also feature four LNG storage tanks, each with a capacity of 180,000 cubic meters.

The other two companies that have submitted pre-filing applications to FERC for LNG export terminals at the port are…

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