Port of Brownsville

A First-Class Deepwater Port : The Port of Brownsville, the only deepwater port located on the U.S. and Mexico border, pro-vides a full range of services to ensure efficient and timely cargo delivery worldwide. With abundant land for development and seventeen miles of waterfront access, the Port of Brownsville offers easy access to non-congested international bridge cross-ings and rail connections to your ultimate destination. At the Port of Brownsville there is no cargo that we cannot handle!

The Port was recently designated as part of the M-10 Marine Highway corridor. This allows the Port to provide an economical method of transporting cargo with service routes from the Port of Brownsville along the newly designated M-10 Marine High-way.

The Port of Brownsville provides excellent services to facilitate the international movement of goods between the United States and Mexico. We have the facilities and the knowledge to handle international cargo efficiently.

The Port is located at the southernmost tip of Texas at the westernmost terminus of a seventeen mile (twenty-seven kilometer) channel that flows into the Gulf of Mexico at the Brazos Santiago Pass. The City of Brownsville is two miles (3.3 kilometers) to the southwest and lies adjacent to the Rio Grande River, providing a convenient gateway via three international bridges to México and beyond.

Source: Port of Brownsville

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