RGVFC Toros Announce Partnership with H-E-B for Naming Rights of New Soccer Stadium in Edinburg

Edinburg, TEXAS – The Rio Grande Valley FC Toros announced a partnership with H-E-B for the naming rights of the new 9,700-seat soccer-specific stadium in Edinburg, which is now known as H-E-B Park.

“We wanted a partner that is not only a brand that we all recognize, but we also wanted to make sure they have a deep commitment to the community,” said RGV FC President, Bert Garcia. “We are delighted that H-E-B has made this commitment to the RGV FC Toros, the City of Edinburg, but more importantly the Rio Grande Valley. We look to make H-E-B Park the home of affordable family entertainment.”

Amenities at H-E-B Park will include a full-service restaurant and concessions, a park with a playground, an amphitheater with a capacity for 2,000 individuals, practice fields, executive lounges, a sports bar, and 33 suites. Suites include VIP amenities and a 16-seat capacity.

Completion of H-E-B Park will be later this year.

For more information about the RGV FC Toros, click here: www.rgvfc.com


Edinburg Airport Ready to Welcome International Passengers

Edinburg, TEXAS– The City of Edinburg, the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officially opened a new Federal Inspection User Fee Facility at the South Texas International Airport.

To mark the completion of the facility, the City and EEDC hosted a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony with more than 100 people in attendance including Mayor Richard H. Garcia, members of the City Council, EEDC, and CBP.

Mayor Garcia welcomed CBP to Edinburg and thanked them for helping develop infrastructure that will make it easier for people to travel to Edinburg. “This is going to help us take that next step to become a destination city,” “As of today, international travelers and merchandise will be able to clear customs without having to make a pit-stop in another city, but fly directly into Edinburg.”

The Customs Facility located at the South Texas International Airport at Edinburg will allow international travelers to clear Customs in Edinburg. The airport is located at the intersection of I-69 Central and FM 490. It is a general aviation use facility that welcomes landings and departures of non-commercial aircraft. The airport is also home to The Texas Department of Public Safety Aviation Division for this region and is designated as the staging area for Texas Task Force One during emergencies.

This new facility is 4,500 square feet and will be staffed by two-CBP Inspectors for general aviation traffic. The $1.3 million project was a joint partnership between the City, EEDC and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection.

The South Texas International Airport at Edinburg is located at 1300 East FM 490.

More information about the South Texas International Airport at Edinburg available here: www.cityofedinburg.com/locateairport.php


Research Company Brings Jobs to McAllen

McAllen, TEXAS- Abt SRBI celebrated the grand opening of a state-of-the-art research call
center in McAllen, Texas on July 26th, 2016. With the assistance from the McAllen Economic Development Corporation
(MEDC), Abt SRBI is creating job opportunities in the research call center industry. Over the next five
years, Abt SRBI plans to hire and train a total of 170 new research interviewers with at least 15
supervisory and management jobs.
“With our region having an abundant young, bilingual, skilled workforce in the customer service
industry, Abt SRBI will not have a problem recruiting qualified candidates,” said Keith Patridge,
president and CEO of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation.
Abt SRBI, a subsidiary of Abt Associates, is headquartered in New York City with major offices in
Washington, D. C.; Cambridge, Mass.; and Chicago, employing more than 600 nationwide. Abt SRBI
is a trusted data collection company, conducting research survey campaigns in the areas of social policy,
election polling, health and transportation, among others. Their research and consulting services assist
governmental, academic, media and other non-governmental clients make informed decisions that
improve people’s lives and economic well-being. Clients include ABC News, The Washington Post, the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, University of Pennsylvania, Pew Research, and many other
federal, state and academic organizations.
“We are pleased to be part of the economic growth of McAllen, Texas with the opening of our call
center. We look forward to working with this very welcoming community now and in the future,” said
Abt SRBI President and CEO Michael W. Link.

The new Abt SRBI call center is located on Hackberry Avenue in McAllen.
For information or employment opportunities, visit their website at www.abtsrbi.com


Historic Brownsville Market Square Makeover

Brownsville, TEXAS  – The Market Square Revitalization Project is currently underway in the heart of Downtown Brownsville.

Slated for completion in May 2017, the Market Square Revitalization Project includes the undergrounding or relocating of electric distribution systems – wires, transformers and other equipment – along Market Square Street and within the alleyways between East Washington Street and East Adams Street, along East 10th Street and East 14th Street in Downtown Brownsville.

The Market Square Revitalization Project seeks to provide visual and functional improvements throughout Brownsville’s Main Street District by making Market Square safer, and more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, while facilitating future economic growth.

The Market Square Revitalization Project seeks to provide visual and functional improvements throughout Brownsville’s Main Street District by making Market Square safer, and more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, while facilitating future economic growth.

The Market Square Revitalization Project will permanently close Market Square Street to vehicular traffic, yielding a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly plaza with landscaping, fountains, the addition of a life-size chess board, and other amenities.

Additionally, undergrounding improvements to the alleyways and Market Square Street will be coupled with street paving improvements on East 11th Street and East 12th Street, between East Adams Street and East Washington Street.

The Market Square Revitalization Project seeks to provide visual and functional improvements throughout Brownsville’s Main Street District by making Market Square safer, and more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, while facilitating future economic growth.

Funding for the $3.4 million project is provided by the City of Brownsville and the Brownsville Public Utilities Board.

“Market Square is going to be transformed,” said Ramiro Gonzalez, assistant director for the city planning & zoning division. “We’re really excited for this project. It’s going to bring life to Market Square and the Main Street District. Our ultimate goal is to protect and showcase this historic site, while providing a safe space for the community to enjoy.”

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South Texas College named among the top nursing schools in the southwest

McAllen, TEXAS – South Texas College has one of the country’s top nursing schools in the southwest region.

A study by the Research Team at Nursing Schools Almanac, which collected data on over 3,200 institutions nationwide ranked STC’s Division of Nursing and Allied Health (NAH) 45 out of more than 350 nursing schools considered in the southwest, which includes schools in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Only 10 percent of the 3,200 schools made the final list.
Of the top 100 nursing schools in the United States, only 4 institutions were located in Texas including UT Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Texas Tech University.

“It is an honor to be included in one of the country’s top 50 nursing schools in the southwest region especially being evaluated against universities that offer Bachelors of Science in Nursing and other graduate nursing degree programs,” said Jayson Valerio, Interim Dean of the Nursing & Allied Health Center at STC.
“This recognition can be attributed to South Texas College main core values such as excellence, innovation, giving back to the community, professionalism, collaboration, integrity, and most especially student success,” Valerio said. “We take pride in promoting student success and completion of their degree through the implementation of diverse and individualized strategies and initiatives. The NAH Division is gifted with a high caliber of faculty and staff and highly engaging student support services.”

STC Associate Degree Nursing students receive detailed instructions during a class at the Dr. Ramiro R. Casso Nursing and Allied Health Campus located in McAllen.

NAH offers an ADN program with three entry points: a traditional two-year pathway for non-nurses, a three-semester pathway for EMT paramedics, and a 12-month pathway for existing LVNs.

STC also offers a three-semester LVN certificate program that provides classroom instruction and clinical practice in the nursing care of four populations: adults, mothers / newborns, children, and the elderly. The college graduates 100-120 new LVNs and nearly 200 new RNs annually.
Students of all programs have exhibited strong licensure exam pass rates. Since 2008, LVN students have achieved an NCLEX-PN pass rate of 85.2 percent, while ADN students have achieved an NCLEX-RN pass rate of 85.4 percent. The National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN) is administered by individual State Boards of Nursing. The exam is used to determine a nurse’s eligibility to begin practice as an entry-level practical/vocational nurse.

“As the healthcare delivery system is changing at a rapid pace, our faculty not just in nursing but as well as other allied health programs must keep abreast with the trends in fostering safe and high-quality healthcare,” Valerio said. “The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a proficiency exam that evaluates safety. As a registered nurse and a nurse-educator myself, I have the professional and legal obligation to produce graduates that are safe and competent. We, the faculty in both programs, need to arm our students with a complex set of knowledge, skills, and values that empower them to function safely and efficiently in the healthcare setting.”

According to the Research Team (2016), each nursing school in the region was evaluated on three dimensions, this included the institution’s academic prestige and perceived value, which represented 50 percent of the overall score.
Prestige and value were measured by:
• Graduates’ ability to repay their student debt in a timely manner
• Professional designations)
• Grant funding for nursing research from the National Institutes of Health
• Other established methodologies including U.S. News & World Report’s MSN and DNP rankings.

STC was also ranked according to the breadth and depth of nursing programs offered, which comprised 15 percent of the overall score, and student success, particularly on the NCLEX national licensure, which comprised 35 percent of the institution’s overall score.

“This remarkable distinction would not be possible without the headship team of South Texas College and the academic chairs headed Dr. Christie Candelaria and faculty and staff for the ADN department and Ms. Daphine Mora, RN, MEd, program chair for the vocational nursing and faculty and staff,” Valerio said. “Having been at the College for almost 13 years and currently serving as the Interim Dean of Nursing and Allied Health for less than a year, one thing I can attest, is the outstanding Leadership Team at the College headed by our founding President, Dr, Shirley Reed, and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Anahid Petrosian, and the members of the College Board of Trustees.
“This leadership team is always committed to student success by maintaining high expectations, setting courageous goals, and constantly seeking methods for improvement and innovations to provide a better quality of life in our community,” he said.

For more information the South Texas College Division of Nursing and Allied Health visit http://nah.southtexascollege.edu/


Fox Valley Molding Expands Operation In Harlingen, Texas


Harlingen, TEXAS – Fox Valley Molding, a plastic injection molding company located here in Harlingen, in partnership with the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation, is pleased to announce the expansion of their operations. Fox Valley Molding, Inc., was founded in 1984 in Plano, Illinois. Fox Valley Molding is a custom processor of thermoset molding compounds and engineering grade thermoplastics, serving customers throughout North America. Many of their products are used in the manufacturing of appliances.

“Since we started operations in Harlingen in 2001, we knew this strategic location would allow us to serve our customers in the United States and Mexico faster and more efficiently saving us time and money,” said Don Haag, owner. “Harlingen is a city with long-term growth potential, and we are honored by the outstanding support we’ve received from the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation.”

“They will be expanding their existing facility and creating 28 new high skilled, high wage jobs that the city strives to attract.” stated Mayor Chris Boswell. These new jobs will increase Fox Valley Molding’s annual payroll by 35% over the next three years, with very competitive wages and good benefits for the new employees.

Lupita Gutierrez-Garza, incoming Chairwoman and President for Harlingen EDC, expressed her delight in the announcement: “The Board and staff at HEDC understand that real economic growth comes from the creation on primary jobs, and this project does just that. As part of our Business Retention and Expansion Program, HEDC staff reaches out to local manufacturers and helps with expansion plans or other issues that our manufacturers may face, to help them remain competitive in this global economy.
“Small to mid-sized manufacturing companies are the backbone of manufacturing base here in Harlingen, and we strive to help them grow whenever we can. Fox Valley Molding wanted some help with some of the upfront costs of setting up new equipment and with some of the expenses related to expanding the existing facility. HEDC presented them with a proposal to help with some of those expenses based on job creation and the investment being made by Fox Valley Molding,” stated Raudel Garza, Chief Executive Officer for HEDC.

Fox Valley Molding is located within the Harlingen Industrial Park off of FM 509 (an overweight corridor to the Los Indios International Bridge) and Grimes Road on the east side of Harlingen. The Harlingen Industrial Park encompasses approximately 530 acres of land, with only about 80 acres available for sale. There are over twenty companies with a total employment of about 1000 positions, and over one million square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, with only a seven percent (7%) vacancy rate, within the Harlingen Industrial Park. The Harlingen Industrial Park is strategically-located only two miles away from the Port of Harlingen, one mile away from the Harlingen Aerotropolis, and 13 miles away from the Free Trade International Bridge at Los Indios. The Harlingen Industrial Park is home to other manufacturers such as Cardone Industries, Penn Aluminum, Aloe Labs, Pentair, Atlantic Tool & Die, ITD Metal Stamping, Pan American Hydrogen, and more.
Over the last four years, this concerted effort to bring in primary jobs to Harlingen has resulted in a drop of about four percentage points from 9.1% in August 2012 to a 5.2% rate this past May. That trend is expected to continue as our industrial base grows, and as our healthcare industry grows as well.

For more information on opportunities in the Harlingen area, please visit www.harlingenedc.com.

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VIA Upgrades Will Promote Safety, Reduce Delays and Cancellations

55c8043740926.imageValley International Airport boasts the longest runway in South Texas at 8,300 feet.

To ensure its optimum performance, the edge lights on the runway will be upgraded.

This is among improvements to the airport planned to get underway soon with a $4.5 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration.

“This will help guide pilots to the runway during inclement weather situations and reduce the need to divert to other facilities,” VIA Director of Aviation Marv Esterly said.

VIA will supplement the grant funds with a 10 percent match.

The first project will relocate the perimeter access road used by aviation fueling companies and emergency response vehicles to transition from the east side of the airport to the commercial carriers on the west side.

The new route will be clear of all runway movement areas and be located outside of designated runway safety areas.

The second project will update 37 painted airfield pavement signs to highly visible Thermoplastic signs. This will reduce maintenance expenses associated with painted signs and improve visibility to pilots both…

Read more at The Valley Morning Star.

First MOU Signing Ceremony Between STC and UTRGV

MEDIA ADVISORY – First MOU Signing Ceremony between South Texas College & University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will be on August 10.

WHAT: A ceremony during which a memorandum of understanding (MOU) will be recognized and signed in order to facilitate student success through seamless transfer from South Texas College (STC) to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV).  The MOU will create a framework for students and their advisors, in order for them to understand how courses will move between the two institutions.

WHERE: South Texas College – Pecan Campus

Rainbow Room (Library Bldg. F 2nd Floor)

3201 W. Pecan Blvd.

McAllen, TX 78501

WHEN: Monday, August 10, 2015

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

WHO: Leadership from both institutions will be in attendance including South Texas College President Dr. Shirley A. Reed and University of Texas Rio Grande Valley President Dr. Guy Bailey.

MEDIA: Representatives from South Texas College and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will be available for interviews and photos before and after the ceremony. Your RSVPs via phone or email are appreciated.549449c133fdd.imageSTC Logo Vertical


Valley International Airport Receives 4.5 Million FAA Grant

logoMainValley International Airport (VIA) recently submitted and received 4.5 million dollars in grant funds from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program for various capital improvement projects on the Airport. These funds coupled with a 10% match from VIA will help promote safety and improve on the number airline weather delays and cancelations during inclement weather.

The first project will relocate the perimeter access road used by aviation fueling companies and emergency response vehicles to transition from the east side of the Airport to the commercial carriers on the west side of the Airport. The new route will be clear of all runway movement areas and be located outside of designated runway safety areas.

The second project will update 37 painted airfield pavement signs to highly visible Thermoplastic signs. The upgrades will reduce maintenance expenses associated with…

Click the link to view the full Press Release.

BCIC Now Accepting Funding Requests for Capital Projects

11822785_799051833544486_4963079570564560784_nBrownsville Community Development Corporation is now accepting funding requests for capital projects that improve the community’s quality of life. Each year BCIC allocates a portion of its funds to provide community grants. For Fiscal Year 2015, BCIC will have two cycles. BCIC is now accepting applications for cycle 2 until September 30th, 2015. Each cycle, the board will award $450,000 to quality of life capital projects. Click HERE for more information.